The udderly ridiculous, cheesy, beer-filled road trip from Wisconsin to California hauling the highly sought after HAPPY COW products. Mike and Kurt, the Happy Cow, rumble through 2,200+ miles of countryside sharing their Wisconsin love with displaced Sconnies. Hilarity ensues.

Happy Cow

Mmmm, a full pour of Happy Cow Beer


We are from Wisconsin. We live in California. Despite millions of dollars spent on advertising, we know Happy Cows come from Wisconsin. We filmed a mockumentary about our journey bringing Happy Cow products to fellow Sconnies across the country.


Have you not heard of the famous HAPPY COW beer we mention?

Well, to protect the innocent, we altered the name slightly. The real name of this award winning beer rhymes with Dotted Now and has lots of spots on it…and is brewed in New Glarus…and if you are still not sure, you are either educated in Minnesota or just haven’t had the pleasure of tasting this phenomenal beer brewed by a phenomenal brewery owned by phenomenal people.

Happy Cow is a cask-conditioned farmhouse ale. Brewed with flaked barley, the finest Wisconsin malts, and even a hint of corn. Naturally cloudy, the yeast is allowed to remain in the bottle to enhance fullness of flavors, which cannot be duplicated otherwise.

Want more information? Send us an email: info@gowesthappycow.com